DEAJ Investments LLC | I Love Vending

Dominic E. Javier

Experienced Retail (Convenience Store and Vending Machine) Professional

Chief Executive Manager

Divine A. Javier

Experienced Banking, Insurance and Real Estate (Retail and Commercial) Professional

Director of Sales and Marketing

Our Mission and Values

Customer satisfaction on our Foods and Drinks,  reliability of Vending Machines that are safely, securedly and conveniently located;

Our Location Providers' Business Success  as prerequisite for Better Traffic Volume in Every Location We Operate;

We Value the Diverse Ideas and Suggestions of our Customers;

Work Hand-in-Hand with the Various Government Agencies to ensure full and timely compliance to the latest laws and regulations; 

We value the Competency and Contribution of every Organization Member of DEAJ Investments LLC;

We value Safety and Security at all times adhering to our safety motto:  Do it safely or not at all!

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