Your Full Line Vending Partner, Welcome to DEAJILLC

The DEAJ Initials and Company Logo

Welcome to DEAJILLC (DEAJ Investments LLC), your full line vending partner. We are a full line vending company of Fresh Snacks, Cold Drinks, and Hot Coffee. DEAJILLC is registered in the State of Texas since October 2017. It is owned and managed by Dominic Javier and Divine Javier, a husband and wife team. The company’s office is based in the Town of Flower Mound. DEAJ are the combined initials of Dominic and Divine. The company’s vending machine business is operating under the brand name of @ilovevending.

Your Full Line Vending Partner in DFW Dallas Fort Worth Denton Lewisville and Flower Mound Welcome to DEAJILLC
The Logo – the firm handshake

The logo instills the owners’ initials and the laurels depicts the manifestation of a firm handshake in business embracing true and sealed partnership. The color Red, Blue, and White represents the colors of the Texas flag. On its inception, the company carefully conceptualized its business model on unmanned retail kiosks particularly in the food and beverage sectors. It acquired automated and telemetric retail systems and placed each in secured, safe and high traffic locations.

The Six Business Pillars:

Great Customer Service is the 1st and foremost business pillar of the company. We shall consistently implement this business strategy at all times by providing high-quality products and a dynamic merchandising process. We value growth, development, and long-term commitment to our customers, thus expecting repeat purchase from our customers. Growth, development and long-term commitment with our employees, suppliers, contractors and the leadership team endow the 1st business pillar.

We sincerely foster Community Relations. We are here for the long run, through thick and thin, hardships and profits, we will grow our business responsibly as a law abiding business entity. Being the 2nd business pillar of the company, it is inclusive to respect the Laws and Regulations of the Federal, State, and Local laws.

The 3rd business pillar of the company is Promotions Activities . We implement promotion activities basically through strong website presence and engaging digital communications. These two modern and non-contact strategy will save paper and its by-products. Through promotional activities, we will develop brand preferences and strong customer recall in the food and drinks vending industry.

We will strive to excel in acquiring the best vending machines in the market. We will have high maintenance standards, spare parts readily available, safe storage facilities, and efficient logistics at all times. The company’s infrastructure and facilities are fully insured against General Liability and Property Damage claims. We foster Superb Facilities Management and Optimization as the 4th business pillar of the company.

The 5th business pillar of the company is Products Quality. We always have fresh snacks, cold beverages and hot coffee competitively priced merchandised in all of our vending machines. Competitive Pricing will is key to our success as we value the same essence of having good location all the time.

Location is key in realizing our business goal. In any business, location is key to success! Being the 6th business pillar, we will strive to acquire high foot traffic locations, of course in safe and secured locations!

DEAJILLC Business Pillar

DEAJILLC’s  earnest goal is to achieve the level of  its business pillars effectively and passionately. The company’s strategic intent is to achieve superior brand over its competitors in the full line vending machine and micro market businesses.

The company will stay competitive in its businesses through its professional, experienced and mature employees adhering effectively and passionately to the company’s six (6) business pillars: Customer Service, Community Relations, Promotional Activities, Facilities Management and Optimization and Location.

Main Activities

DEAJILLC focuses all its efforts and resources in acquiring high foot traffic locations in commercial establishments in the DFW Area (Dallas-Fort Worth-Denton) targeting key cities such as Flower Mound, Lewisville, Highland Village, Denton, Grapevine, Coppell, Carrollton, Irving, Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney, The Colony, Plano, Frisco, Grand Prairie and Garland. The company’s Foot Traffic Survey and Trade Area Analysis are the essential tools to its long-term viability.

Your Full Line Vending Partner, in Snacks and Cold Drinks in DFW Dallas Fort Worth Denton Lewisville Flower Mound Welcome to DEAJILLC
We’ve Got It All Just For You

The company has formulated solid plans to capitalize on the weaknesses of its key competitors by emphasizing customer care, effective merchandising and plan-o-gram management. It is committed in ensuring products are stocked timely and transportation always ready to meet product and machine deliveries at all times.

It’s quality control and process improvement are best demonstrated in its organically developed Management Information System (MIS).

It will continue to invest in automated telemetry vending machines and will embark on its expansion program with the intention to complete its laid down programs by investing and deploying a combination of twenty vending machines in 2022. The DFW market shall remain its focus with emphasis on developing strategic routes in key cities.