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Dominic E. Javier

Experienced Retail (Convenience Store and Vending Machine) Professional

Chief Executive Manager

Divine A. Javier

Experienced Banking, Insurance and Real Estate (Retail and Commercial) Professional

Director of Sales and Marketing

Company Profile

On its inception, DEAJ carefully planned a business model on retail convenience specifically in full line food and beverage vending at the most competitive prices in secured, safe and convenient establishments. The company starts and will focus on automated-telemetric vending machines and shall expand further to cater on micro-markets and on-line deliveries.   

Great Customer Service is the strategic commitment of the company.  It is the 1st business pillar of the company and shall consistently be executed at all times by providing healthy, tasty and high quality products. 

We value growth, development and long-term commitment with our employees starting from ourselves, the Owners (Chief Executive Manager and the Director of Sales and Marketing) all employees, suppliers and contractors of the company.  We sincerely foster Community Relationship and respect to laws and regulation of the Government.  DEAJ's 2nd business pillar.  

We are here for the long run, through thick and thin, hardships and profits, we will grow our business responsibly and efficiently.  We believe Promotional Activities through print, digital and, products and price discounts promotions will develop brand preference with our patrons, the Customers and Location Providers. DEAJ's 3rd business pillar. 

We will strive to excel in acquiring the best full line vending machines and maintain high standards of maintenance, readily available spare parts, storage facilities and transport logistic at all times. The company's infrastructure and facilities are fully insured against General Liability and Property claims. We adhere on superb facilities management and optimization as the 4th business pillar.  

The 5th business pillar of the company is Products (healthy and tasty snacks, lunchables and beverages) competitively priced to its customers in reliable vending machines with superb retail technology.  

The company also adheres that locations are key in attaining the company’s business objectives. Reaching as much customers, existing patrons and potential customers, Thus, being the 6th business pillar, DEAJ ensures Foot Traffic Survey and Trading Analyses are performed and approved before negotiating for any location.



On its inception, DEAJ meticulously adapted a business model of retail technology and convenience specifically in the full line of food and beverage categories through automated platforms and competitive pricing for its customers in safe & secured locations – hospitals, assisted living for senior citizens and memory care, gyms & health clubs, schools, office buildings, salons and other establishments who are willing to invest in people and customer service for better work productivity & satisfaction.

With great focus on  automated-telemetric know-hows, DEAJ shall expand to servicing micro-markets and online deliveries.  In the same direction, DEAJ intends to introduce an array of Asian brands of snacks, delicacies and drinks in Texas.

Reliable Customer Service is the strongest commitment of the company.  We espouse Growth and Development among our employees from the ranks up to ourselves.

Reliable Customer Service is the strongest commitment of the company.  We espouse Growth and Development among our employees from the ranks up to ourselves, 

We foster Community Relationships by constant communication and partnership with the community.

We are committed to Business Growth by constantly improving our brand and service towards building a growing market share in Texas.




DEAJ has established measures to stay competitive and favourable in the food and drink vending service industry and this is achieved by having a professional, experienced, matured, hands-on management and staff adhering to the company’s six (6) business pillars:  Customer Service, Community and Government Relationship, Promotions Activities, Facilities Management and Optimization, Competitive Pricing and Convenient Locations. 

DEAJ adheres to quality control and process enhancement that is best demonstrated by its organically developed Management Information System (MIS). 

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