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Full Line Vending Machines in DFW @ilovevending

This is a full line vending machine company in DFW, and DEAJ Investments LLC (DEAJILLC) welcomes you to its website. DEAJILLC operates in the Dallas Metroplex and in the Counties of Fort Worth and Denton in North Texas, and its trade name is “@ilovevending” registered in the State of Texas.

The company provides and services the counties of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton. Surely, it is dedicated in supplying fresh snacks, cold drinks, and hot coffee all the time, 24/7 in all of its vending machine locations in DFW.

Consequently, if you’ll need some vending machines now or in the near future, give us a try! And, we’ll surely guaranty high quality products, the professional services, and aftermarket consultations to your satisfaction. We surely will try to exceed your expectations.

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Our Promise to Deliver

Our company specializes in full-line vending machines offering fresh snacks, delicious choices of chocolates and nut bars, and refrigerated variety of cold beverages. Also, we provide hot coffee vending beverages in higher foot-traffic locations. As a vending provider and consultant to our customers and location providers, we focus on operational efficiency in terms of space occupancy, energy consumption and product merchandising.

What We Really Care About

Firstly, the space the vending machine it occupies must be strategically situated in every facility. The vending machine should never clutter the work place that slows down the foot traffic movement in every facility. Secondly, energy consumption. Our vending machines are equipped electronically with the timed lock-down and timed power-up functions that saves on electricity. That should benefit our location providers on electricity consumption. And lastly, the combination design of our vending machines allow superb merchandising capabilities displaying bags of chips and cookies; biscuits, chocolates, nuts and gums; and a variety cold beverages. Thus, these operational efficiencies are what we reiterate in every placement of our vending machines.

In Essence…

Our vending machines brings the very best of merchandising practices. It definitely meets every customer’s desire right at the very moment of impulse vending, and of course at affordable prices, in every vending machine. In essence, the Seaga Infinity combination vending machines are the machines typically placed in our valued locations.

Full Line Vending using Seaga Infinity combination vending machines for fresh snacks and cold drinks.
Main Features of Combination Machines…
  1. Timed lock-down and timed power-up
  2. Telemetry System
  3. Cash, Cashless and Coupon Payment Options
  4. Contactless Payment via Cantaloupe

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So, when you’ll need your very first vending machine in your business or school, or simply wanting to replace your current vending machine provider, Try Us!

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