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Cultivate Small Business (CSB) – 2023 Fall Cohort

Vending Dallas Fort Worth

The company, DEAJ Investments LLC, was privilege to be selected by Santander Bank to participate on its Cultivate Small Business Cohort 8 specially designed for small businesses in Miami, Dallas and Philadelphia. Babson College was the academic school imparting entrepreneurial thought and action. Distinguished professors like Candida Brush and Brad George among others shared their entrepreneurial experiences and academia approach in becoming a successful entrepreneur. We’re proud to say, we were the only vending machine company in this cohort. The rest were in the restaurant, catering and baking business.

These academic online teachings and workshops which lasted for four months, I’d rate this learning experience as superb and practical. At the end of the course, each student who lasted was required a final action plan to complete the course – CSB Action Plan presentation and a 3-Minute Pitch.

I’d like to share with you the CSB Action Plan presentation prepared in Power Point. Here it goes…


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