INFC5 Endless Possibilities Second

Seaga Infinity Combo 5 is high technology and high-quality manufacturing

height x width x depth = 1829mm x 991mm x 940mm.
Unlimited Technology
– guaranteed delivery system
– optional food safety setting
– seamless payment system integration
– telemetry ready
– energy saver settings
– lock out timed vend settings
– lock-out and timed vend settings
– LED lighting for brilliant merchandising

Quality Manufacturing
– interlock door construction for added security
– Endura motors tested for perfect performance over 2 million vends
– scroll pricing display
– height adjustable shelves
– common components across all Seaga infinity models
– dual coils for better product flexibility
– high efficiency refrigeration
– slide-in cooling deck
– double pane glass
– trays configured for wide range of products
– high security model available

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